Monday, May 22, 2006


Went up to Cartersville for the day Saturday so that I could help Les with the MAWA AKC trial. Had a good time overall. I always enjoy getting out and seeing good dogs run. Deb and Maurice were there, it was good to see them. Their little bitch Pearleen took Field on Saturday, handily defeating all of the whippet competition and dominating Best in Field. That's a hella litter you have there!!! I still like Roux. :)

The ASFA board needs to get a grip on what issues they decide to exercise jurisdiction. You're alienating a huge segment of your coursing population with your decision to ajudicate a disagreement between two breeders. The ASFA board should only have jurisdiction over issues that arise at field trials, ocurring between roll call and ribbons. The message you have sent is that an exhibitor with a beef can use the ASFA board to punish someone they don't necessarily like. It could be me or you (or a member of said board) next on the chopping block. If you don't know where your ASFA representative stands on the issue of jursidiction, please ask them. If you don't know who to ask, look at . Les Pekarski (lpekarski at is making some signs for people to put on their vehicles and display to bring attention to the board's over-reaching actions. Contact him if you'd like one.

I'm looking at the AKC coursing program and thinking I like some of what I see. The AKC seems to know a little restraint when it comes to personal issues. One issue that I'm looking at seriously is that the per-capita is lower for AKC than it is for ASFA. My biggest gripe (and this is a deal killer for me) is that AKC requires a hound to have a JC in order to compete in a trial. There is no grandfathering for hounds who already have ASFA titles (a much better indication of running ability, imho). So, my BII Greyhound, my LCM 4 Whippet and my LCM 7 Whippet will be staying away from AKC until/unless this is changed...

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