Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

The kids are happy, iTunes cards have pretty much been burned through, Abercrombie will have some deliveries coming this week. It was quite the horse Christmas for E, she'll be attending riding camp the rest of the week. M's already gone to her best friends, a day and a half w/ the family is a bit much for her! :) C has lowering springs for his little Accord that should go on next week, depending on if he gets the shocks he needs. R and I might end up with the new digital camera we've been wishing for.

Spent Christmas eve at my grandfather's, same as I've done for the past 40 years. My cousins were all in town and this year the kids got to go with us and everyone had a good time. Today my mother, step-father, sister and brother-in-law came over around noon to swap gifts and visit.

Turkey was consumed and everyone is content. We're all thankful to be in good health and happy together. We wish we were with our friends Karen and Mike, but they're on our minds and in our hearts every moment of the day.

So to all out there, Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The latest Perspectives

Take time to read this. Three parts, well worth the time.

Part I - LawDog.

Part II - Ambulance Driver.

Part III - BabsRN.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Edit: Found via /. is this little blog entry about upgrading from Vista to XP... HeeHee

It's been a while since I've written about operating systems. If you've been reading for a while, you'll remember my earliest experiences with Vista. At first, not all was bad with Vista. The best thing that could be said about it as an operating system is that it's pretty. I was pretty happy with it for a while (it's installed on a Dell XPS M1210 laptop) since I was able to accomplish pretty much whatever I needed to do, just not as efficiently as I could with Win XP. Cut to the chase, I am no longer using Vista on that laptop or anywhere else for that matter. I've finally gotten sick and tired of dealing with Vista and all it's little idiosyncrasies. The final straw was when I went to uninstall Norton Internet Security and totally lost all networking ability. Yes, all networking ability. Wireless, ethernet, everything! Figured re-install drivers and I should be good to go. Nope, nothing. OK, uninstall all the wireless software, nothing. Ah, maybe it's just DHCP... Nope, static IP did nothing. I could see the network, I could see wireless AP's, but could never get the machine to get or take an IP address (oh, it had a self assigned local IP, but never anything else). I tried, a friend and colleague at work worked with it for a day. I read forums, tried published solutions, everything I could think of. Finally, I downloaded Ubuntu and booted it from the live cd. Wow, networking worked right off the bat! The machine got an IP right away! Next step was to re-boot into Vista, get all my files off the hd and install Linux. Nice, clean, easy install and almost all the drivers are installed! The only thing I have to get is the driver for the Ricoh card reader.

I'm really pissed that I had to give up on Vista, but I just don't think that an OS should take so much work.

On another note, I've re-discovered working with a Mac and I absolutely love it! I'm running Leopard and it's smooth and efficient. I can do pretty much anything I need to do with it AND run Win XP! I have Parallels Desktop installed so that I can run an instance of XP without any stress. I'm really happy that I've gone back to using Mac and plan on working with it for a long time to come!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tam says it better

Of course! My barber was lamenting just how sad it was that people were losing their homes, how it was so evil that the gov would allow the mortgage companies to do such things to poor everyday Joe Blow who never had a chance. Just dammit! I've never seen anyone forced at gunpoint to sign mortgage papers, but sure enough, the Fed is now going to take my hard earned money (at gunpoint if necessary) and "subsidize" poor ole Joe Blow and his bad spending habits.

Guess what. I made some bad decisions too. My family has sacrificed and worked hard so that we haven't had to 'demand' that someone bail us out. And guess what else. I can see the light, way down yonder. And we did it w/out Fed Gov.

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