Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tam says it better

Of course! My barber was lamenting just how sad it was that people were losing their homes, how it was so evil that the gov would allow the mortgage companies to do such things to poor everyday Joe Blow who never had a chance. Just dammit! I've never seen anyone forced at gunpoint to sign mortgage papers, but sure enough, the Fed is now going to take my hard earned money (at gunpoint if necessary) and "subsidize" poor ole Joe Blow and his bad spending habits.

Guess what. I made some bad decisions too. My family has sacrificed and worked hard so that we haven't had to 'demand' that someone bail us out. And guess what else. I can see the light, way down yonder. And we did it w/out Fed Gov.

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Houndisle said...

AMEN ! Nobody forced them to sign a contract.

Raven said...

We're teetering on the edge of recession....if they'd just let us fall, we could start recovery. The longer they hold it at bay, the worse the recovery is going to be.

Your average person isn't all that smart..they are told the "American Dream" is to own a home. I for one can put that dream to shame and call it the "American Nightmare" and I am not one who was dumb enough to get an ARM loan. I cannot believe they are bailing the people out either; let the banks take it, sell it at auction, SOMETHING to keep the economy moving since they won't let what comes with a Capitalistic society happen naturally.

Maybe I am an old crabby person now, but I have made it through touch economic times without getting any help from anyone. They don't help single white people without kids anyway.