Saturday, November 24, 2007

Region 4

Too tired to report much, but the past couple of days have been awesome. Had to pull Lobo yesterday since he skinned a stopper pad in prelims and I wanted it to not be too sensitive today for the Invitational. Today he did really well and took second in FCh. Everett took first yesterday and I forfeited him for breed to give the Open the points and because the ground was a bit rough yesterday. Today he took first in FCh and Breed. Ran in Best in Regional and he was beaten by a very nice Borzoi that ran in his course. I'm really proud of how both boys have done this weekend!

Weather was less than ideal with temps in the upper 30's all day, wind and rain, snow and sleet. Made it through the day just a bit wet and cold, but recovered with a nice dinner at a Mexican place across from the field. Another day tomorrow with rain and cold forecast. I'll get to head home though tomorrow after the trial. I'm ready to get home.

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