Monday, March 26, 2007

Denial doesn't work

UPDATE 12:30: R got Lobo up to Dr. Toby's and he confirmed what I thought. Torn muscle along the chest. Can't be surgically repaired since it's paper thin. He's putting a drain in now and Lobo will be home in a bit. Not sure about the long term prognosis...

We were supposed to be headed to Lawrence Kansas this weekend for the Whippet National lure coursing trial. Everett and Lobo both turn 5 this year and still run quite honestly and can really hang with the younger dogs. We figured that we really needed to get them to the Nationals this year...

That was before we ran them at SEGC this past weekend in 90 degree heat over way too parched ground. Unfortunately, Ev took the corners off two of his pads and Lobo took the stopper off both front feet. To make it worse, Lobo has a muscle issue in his chest that we can't figure out. He's going to the vet today so she can give it a look.

So, as much as we've all been looking forward to this weekend, especially running with all the great competition, we're just not going to be able to pull it off... We'll miss seeing y'all and really miss seeing the dogs go head to head.

We're still planning on the II this year with the Whippets, so get ready for that!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


We had a pretty good trial last weekend. Smallish by our standards, but everyone had a good time, we got to see some really good runs and people had a good time. BIE went to John and Laura Parker's greyhound Cole, a very nice running dog who defeated the Saluki Basheera in a run-off. Weather left a little to be desired on Saturday when we were fighting very stiff winds all day long. Sunday was much nicer with temps in the 50's and much less wind.

We only had four field champion Whippets on Sunday... Four.... Amazing for this part of the country. The competition was great as all four were top 20 dogs last year (#1 and #3 included).

Sweeney did great finishing a very respectable 2nd on Saturday. The best part is that he's finally to the point where he could run a third time (run-off) or on Sunday possibly.

Congratulations to all the winners! Big thanks to everyone who stepped up and helped up put on such a great trial!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Something Dan said in response to my post 300 got me to thinking. I have mentioned here before that I don't have many memories from my childhood. Once again, it's not a whine because I'm not sure that I'm missing anything, it's just an observation. Hell, I didn't know until about 5 years ago that I couldn't really remember much and the person who noticed this seemed surprised that I didn't remember. I never really thought much about it before then but have thought about it a bit since. I wonder what it is in my makeup that keeps me from remembering details from years ago? Dan mentioned that if I had really bowled a 290 something I would remember it exactly. Well, not really. I do remember that it happened, remember who I was with and where I was, but evidently not the important details... That happened probably 17'ish years ago, so well past childhood.

All this leads me to wonder where memories go and where the "rememberance" line might be for me. Did something traumatic in my past cause me to just not care about remembering? Hell, like most people, I've had my share of tragedy in life but I've tried to not let it dominate my LIFE, you know? Maybe I could get all pshrinky and analyze what the hell is going on. Maybe I should have in the past. I don't know... I do know that I'd like to figure out ways to remember more of my experiences in more detail...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Running at the ACC trial last weekend was a blast! I love going to those trials. The people are wonderful and the weather is always warmer than home. The dogs did well this weekend. Sweeney ran prelims and finals on Saturday, finishing BoB for Greyhounds! His recovery, while slow, is moving along. Everett took 1st Saturday and 2nd Sunday, losing out to a really nice dog, Sam. Lobo finished NBQ and 3rd respectively. Nellie ran in Singles again both days and blew everyone away. I sure hope that she decides that she wants to concentrate on chasing and leave the other dogs alone. She's a very nice, fluid, flexible bitch who could do well on almost any course plan. She has speed, but really uses her body well in negotiating the corners.

That peaceful religion....redux

Someone please defend this...