Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Something Dan said in response to my post 300 got me to thinking. I have mentioned here before that I don't have many memories from my childhood. Once again, it's not a whine because I'm not sure that I'm missing anything, it's just an observation. Hell, I didn't know until about 5 years ago that I couldn't really remember much and the person who noticed this seemed surprised that I didn't remember. I never really thought much about it before then but have thought about it a bit since. I wonder what it is in my makeup that keeps me from remembering details from years ago? Dan mentioned that if I had really bowled a 290 something I would remember it exactly. Well, not really. I do remember that it happened, remember who I was with and where I was, but evidently not the important details... That happened probably 17'ish years ago, so well past childhood.

All this leads me to wonder where memories go and where the "rememberance" line might be for me. Did something traumatic in my past cause me to just not care about remembering? Hell, like most people, I've had my share of tragedy in life but I've tried to not let it dominate my LIFE, you know? Maybe I could get all pshrinky and analyze what the hell is going on. Maybe I should have in the past. I don't know... I do know that I'd like to figure out ways to remember more of my experiences in more detail...

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Raven said...

What I remember my mother likes to tell me is something I imagined, or elaborated on. Then she says I did stuff that *I* don't remember ever doing, like pretending to talk on the phone to annoy her...what kid would think of that??

What is cool though is I hooked up with a good friend from the past and he remembered a bunch of stuff I had TOTALLY forgotten about, but the mere mention of a name or event and the memories came flooding back in. Maybe you could try find some friends from way back? They might trigger memories for you. Just a caution though, they aren't all necessarily flattering!!!:)