Tuesday, March 20, 2007


We had a pretty good trial last weekend. Smallish by our standards, but everyone had a good time, we got to see some really good runs and people had a good time. BIE went to John and Laura Parker's greyhound Cole, a very nice running dog who defeated the Saluki Basheera in a run-off. Weather left a little to be desired on Saturday when we were fighting very stiff winds all day long. Sunday was much nicer with temps in the 50's and much less wind.

We only had four field champion Whippets on Sunday... Four.... Amazing for this part of the country. The competition was great as all four were top 20 dogs last year (#1 and #3 included).

Sweeney did great finishing a very respectable 2nd on Saturday. The best part is that he's finally to the point where he could run a third time (run-off) or on Sunday possibly.

Congratulations to all the winners! Big thanks to everyone who stepped up and helped up put on such a great trial!

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Raven said...

Hey! I'll see ya next Sunday!!:)