Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dogs that run

Finally! The weather is getting cooler and the dogs are getting restless. We're in the 50's here in GA in the mornings and it's making the hounds crazy. They're ready to get out and do some coursing. It'll be a couple of weeks, but we're getting ready.

Last weekend I judged in Minnesota, kicking off a busy schedule for the Fall. FWIW, flying sucks. My flight Friday night was delayed 2.5+ hours and my flight Sunday was canceled and I was originally re-booked on a flight Monday morning. Thanks to a really nice Delta ticketing agent, I was able to get out on Sunday night, albeit 3 hours later than scheduled. I'm appreciative of the fact that I can hop an airplane and get most anywhere I need to go pretty quickly, but I absolutely detest the experience of waiting... Waiting in line at security, waiting at the gate, waiting in the plane to take off, just generally waiting. I only really have one complaint though focusing on the airline. I hate the CJR. I'm kind of a big guy, broad in the shoulders. I was absolutely folded into the seat and I had an aisle seat. Ah well...

This weekend I'll be heading to Milwaukee, WI to judge. This should be fun as I'll be seeing many of the same people that I saw last weekend. Finally, next weekend we're going to Oklahoma. Finally the dogs will get to run a bit!

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Raven said...

Don't forget your dinner out with the Mafia;)