Thursday, May 31, 2007

A dog post

Most of you dear readers (all three or four of you) are dog people and read this because you know us through coursing. I've got some interesting information that I want to get out and get some feedback on. According to a well placed source, the ASFA BOD is considering a proposal from some Region 8 clubs to host the 2008 International Invitational in Leesburg, Virginia. They propose to host this on the normal first weekend in June. The alternative at this time is for the ASFA BOD to step in and run the II for 2008.

Unknown and unconsidered to most of the fancy, sources say that the field that Region 8 is proposing to use is available at other times during the year, specifically cooler parts of the year. Now, I personally did not have a problem running the dogs we have at both Leesburg in 1999 or in Remington in 2005. The weather was hot and humid, but not unbearably so. I do think that if the opportunity exists to run in cooler weather, I would much prefer to do so. If not for reservations about the field and gas prices, we'd be at the II in Minnesota this weekend. I am confident that the weather will be ideal for running dogs.

So the question comes down to this. If an alternate, possibly (probably?) cooler weekend were available, would you rather ASFA keep the II on the first weekend in June, or would you like to see it in a cooler part of the year? Comment here or email me at todd at toddbirchfield dot com and let me know!

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Raven said...

June is NOT a very nice time of year. In MN is pretty much rains every day. Me personally, would rather deal with it being a little hotter than an all day rain. My dogs would rather run when it's hot and not raining, and enjoy being sprayed off afterwards.

As for an II, I think it's a test of the best, and we have dogs that run well in the heat, and those that don't. Same with rain and cold. I guess my feeling is leave the II date the same and keep moving it around. I believe they have a January date available too, which would work for TX, NM, AZ, the places that simply don't run at all in the summer.

Last year in Duluth, it was 103. Al ran because I knew she could, Guido was pulled. I think climate is just another factor to consider who the best rounded runners truly are...of course, us as humans still need to think about it...109 and 80% humidity, I wouldn't even WALK my there are limitations we must consider for the safety of the dogs...comfort though is another manner.

btw, the other field in Farmington turned out MUCH better than we thought....I clerked at our last trial and there was some decent terrain out there, it was 1025 yards and the out of shape dogs were showing it!

We'll miss you guys this weekend, it's going to rain, big surprise, but hopefully just on and off shoulders.