Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Dan, you can stop reading now...

Chris and Rich Robinson, brothers who have brought us the Black Crowes, set aside their differences and got together last year to record a few live tunes. Brothers of a Feather brings out the best in these two, and shows just why they should continue making music together. I've actually just gotten around to getting the album and giving it a listen, wish I had done so earlier.

I've been a Crowes fan for years, going back to the early Atlanta days when they were known as Mr. Crowes Garden and played little venues around town, especially L5P. Their 2001 album hit at a time in my life when I was once again exploring various sounds and artists. It's good, Blues based rock and roll, with a little Southern twang (hence, Dan, you're probably not interested... <G>). I'm happy to see that they're back and putting out another studio album in a couple of months.


Raven said...

I like the Black Crowes too; nice jazzy-blues-rock all mixed together.

Dan & Margaret said...

Hey! I object! Just 'cuz I listened to 3 complete operas last weekend don't mean I can't appreciate bands like Drive By Truckers, Georgia Satellites, Kentucky Headhunters... etc etc etc. Allman Brothers? Duane Allman was one of the five best guitarists of all time. As Blues-based southern rock goes.. there's never been better. So I have to respectfully say: Suck it!