Friday, April 04, 2008

A blog about blogs

Not mine, but others that I read.

I found myself making a big circle in the blogs that I read today. One of the first that I picked up a little over a year ago was Tam's. Not sure how I found it, but I think I was looking for information on concealed carry or some such. Anyway, I really enjoyed her writing since she occasionally wrote about my hometown, Atlanta and environs, I felt a bit of familiarization even though I've never met her. Not too long ago, Tam removed herself from Knoxville, TN and headed to somewhere in Indiana (why someone would move north, I have no idea!). She is now rooming with Roberta X whose blog I now read as well.

One of my good friends that I've made through coursing, Dan Gauss of Shot on Site Photography, is lucky enough to be able to chase his passion. He and Margaret travel the country in their motorhome with their hounds, photographing events and coursing and hunting when it's season. Dan meets many interesting people in his travels, including Stephen Bodio. The Querencia is a wonderful place with tales of hunting, archeology, falconry, and a million other subjects. One of the contributors to the Querencia is Matt Mullenix, a gentleman that I've had the pleasure of getting to know through email conversations. Matt has a Whippet out of a litter that I've coveted for a long time, from one of my favorite people in Whippets, Deb Baum. I've also been fortunate to have met Matt's parents on the coursing field after they acquired a Borzoi from another longtime friend of mine.

So, through Dan, I read the Querencia and other linked blogs. One that is linked today is to Southern Rockies Nature Blog. From this blog, there is a link to an entry at Roberta X's blog...

This isn't the first connection I've made, just the first time I've actually spent time connecting the dots. Is the blogosphere small enough that we keep running into the same people, or do our diverse interests all have some kind of common bond?

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Dan & Margaret said...

Thanks, Todd. I had the sense someone was talking about me.. ;-)
One blog anyone with dogs... especially working dogs should read is Patrick's Great tips, exposes, and other this and that. Usually the blog I read first every day, because Patrick suffers from insomnia, so has several new posts almost every day!