Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Tasty!!! I've been waiting for the 3G iPhone since the iPhone first came out last year. I knew that the price was way too high and the performance way too low for me to jump to the first generation of iPhone. Jobs & Co. have done the iPhone up right, though, in it's 2.0 version. Sporting 3G speed (actually 3.5G if you check out the specs), GPS, MS Exchange support and 3rd party app support, Apple has raised the bar on smartphones to a level that won't be surpassed in a long, long time.

My only slight disappointment is that the camera on the phone is still 2 megapixels. Apple could have put a slightly higher quality camera in, but probably couldn't have kept the price down in doing so. Oh, the price? You say you won't spend $600 for any phone? How about $199? Yeah, the price will be $199 for the 8 GB model and $299 for the 16 GB. Extremely reasonable for the features the device sports.

I'll be in line on July 11th, count on it! :)


Dan & Margaret said...

That makes this: http://www.slate.com/id/2193293/ so depressing. Course, you're too young to remember when there was only one "Phone Company" ;-)
Rent "our Man Flint"

Dan & Margaret said...

Scratch that movie.. I meant "The President's Analyst"!

Todd said...

Verizon is pretty healthy and at least isn't losing subscribers. They also have some very innovative hardware. Sprint made a huge mistake taking on Nextel and now is trying to back-pedal before Nextel drags them under. Not sure if the timing will work out on that one though. Should have listened to the consumers instead of trying to tell the consumers what they wanted. T-Mobile is really just beginning to make inroads into the US market. Look for them to increase their presence greatly in the next few years. That phone from Google will kick ass, it's just taking forever to roll out.

All that said, IPhone is the killer device right now and at the right price. What I don't see happening is that AT&T will continue to be the exclusive carrier for more than the original contract. Time will tell, though.