Wednesday, September 17, 2008

'Bout Time

One of those things that just makes you say damn, why'd it take so long. He should have been executed by now. Back in March, 2005 Brian Nichols escaped from custody while on trial for rape. During the escape he killed a judge, a court reporter, a deputy and a federal agent who was off duty performing renovations on his house. There's not much doubt about his guilt. Let's get it over with.


Patti said...

It took so long because the budget for public defenders ran out of money because of the time already spent on the Brian Nichols case. They had to forego moving forward until the new budget year. I think over two million has already been spent on Nichols and a trial hasn't even begun. They estimate another million during the trial, not so much on lawyers but for security officers.

It's a shame that this one man has used up so much money in that fund that could have helped so many others, and probably innocent others at that.

When his lawyers offered to plead guilty in exchange for life in prison without parole, District Attorney Howard turned them down. Nichols was charged with 54 crimes, involving 478 potential witnesses at 11 separate crime scenes.

He is definitely guilty of the four murders. It's going to be interesting to see how his attorneys present his "insanity" plea. I'm with you Todd, just get it over with and let's move on. He is sucking the system dry!

Hugo said...

I remember that day so well.. I was downtown servicing wardrobe malfunctions and saw the khaos surrounding what was goin on. It was eery. I have lived in Atlanta most all my life was born here and never had I seen such tragedy. It is such a shame that ir has taken so long for all of this to come to be. We all know what happened. I saw some of it and it will live with me forever. I think for the first time I was frightened to be here. 'bout time is an understatement Todd. Justice should not be delayed any further for this and the price tag is absolutely comical. I can only imagine what so many of the people who where involved in this incident must feel.
Yes be done with it for crying out loud!