Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pictures of the house

Back during the summer Andrew, Neil and I spent a day repairing a pretty nasty place in my house. I promised pictures, so here they are.
Starting off, rotted studs and sill.
More of the same. Where the corrugated pipe ends is where the sill should be. The siding in this area was being held together by the paint for the most part.
The corner, another shot of the rot.
Wider view. Not pretty.
Me up on the roof doing a bit of demolition, Neil and Andrew on the ground repairing a floor joist.
We've pretty much gotten the rot ripped out at this point. 
Getting ready to sister the wall studs, floor joists have been repaired already.
Me doing more demo.
Neil again, working on the floor joists.
Siding repair is made, just waiting to be painted.
Finished the siding, just have to paint.

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