Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The roof, the roof, it's not on fire

I'm on vacation this week so that we can get some much needed work done to the house. This is something that I just won't tackle myself since it's so time consuming and I just don't trust myself to put a roof on my on home. :) Anyway, the word was that work was to begin on Monday, but since Atlanta had over 3 inches of rain Saturday, Sunday and Monday, they weren't able to begin work until today. Now that work has begun though, it's proceeding at breakneck speed. The interior guys came in this morning and scraped the kitchen ceiling of all the nasty popcorn that was sprayed when that room was constructed. They got done about 1:30 and took off, promising to be back and be done tomorrow. They still have to put a textured (not popcorn and not stiple) ceiling in the kitchen, paint the living room ceiling, paint the master bath ceiling and re-popcorn the garage. The roof guys showed at about three and are still at it. So far, they've stripped about 2/3 of the roof of the old shingles and I think are beginning to lay down the felt underlayment. They promise to be done tomorrow as well. Here's hoping! In the meantime, I'm taking this opportunity to clean and re-organize the garage. It's slow going, but I'll get there eventually. We just have way too much stuff! Anyone need some whippet size wire drop pin crates? How about Verikennals, small whippet sized? Let me know and I can send pictures.

All this is really getting in the way of my fun, let me tell you! :) Me and my buddies have had a camping trip planned for about three months. That trip is supposed to start tomorrow, but if the work around here isn't done, I probably will be joining them a little late. I just don't want to leave and the work not be done yet.

The good news? All this work is being covered by our homeowners insurance! This is the first claim I've ever made on homeowners (hail damage to the roof and subsequent water damage) and I couldn't be happier! Didn't have to squabble with the adjustor or the mortgage company about the cost of getting the funds. It's been quite a pleasant experience.

Well, let's hope that the work is done well and done soon!

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Jessi said...

It sounds great! We are in the process of trying to decide whether to put some work into our current home or go for a new house. So much to think about...