Thursday, May 07, 2009

The inanity of it all

It really just makes me shake my head. Clayton County School System lost their accreditation a couple of years ago for multiple reasons including school board interference with day to day operation of the schools. Another problem cited was a so-called teachers unions actions. So what shows up on the homepage of the Atlanta rag? A story about how said 'teachers union' are protesting the hire of the new Clayton County School System. All six members. Six. Yeah, I said six. Yes, this makes front page news.

Here's the money shot. A quote by the chairman of the teachers union: "'I don’t like the fact that he’s from California,' said John Trotter, chairman of MACE. 'They don’t know the people. Clayton County likes their home folks.'" Yeah, that's a hell of a reason to oppose the assignment of a new superintendent.

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