Friday, July 28, 2006

I don't know

I don't want to believe that Floyd Landis used performance enhancing drugs to compete in the Tour this year. I think everyone should reserve judgement until the B sample is tested and tested again. There are explanations why his sample would come back positive. Until it is proven beyond doubt that he used, the headlines should read "Landis innocent of doping."

I have an update on Beth. She came through surgery well and is talking, sitting up and even went for a short walk yesterday. She's had some seizures but this can be expected with this kind of surgery. The best news is that the biopsy came back as benign. Let's pray for a full recovery.

Edit: Here's a nice, succinct comment on the Landis issue.


Dan & Margaret said...

You'll know soon enough. Landis's lawyer is working the "epitestosterone level may be naturally low" angle. Clever. I'm thinking he get's out of it. Pos or Neg, it won't be over for at least 6 months according to Velo News.

Dan & Margaret said...

No.2: Obviously Lollipop forgets that the French gave us the blow job!

And he's unaware, as I was, that the House coffee shop is again selling FRENCH Fries, and FRENCH toast.

And he's probably also unaware that one of Rush Limbaugh's favorite vacation spots is the FRENCH Riviera.