Monday, December 11, 2006

Everett update

Thankfully, Everett should be ok. X-rays show only one broken rib, no punctures in the lungs. He's on crate rest for the next two weeks (probably we'll go longer) and will be running again probably in February, missing the Winter Challenge for the first time in 3 years.

Let me say that I don't blame the breed of dog for what happened. What I blame is the owner for having a restraint that was not sufficient for the breed. An already broken, knotted rope does not make a good enough leash for a Pit.

Thanks to everyone at the trial who stepped up to help or just show support after Everett was hit. It means so much to Ruthanna and me that we have such terrific friends in this sport. There are more people than I can thank, but know that all of you are appreciated.


Raven said...

Poor guy!! At least it's just one..but still, it's so hard to keep a Whippet down. Is he in much pain? I imagine they gave him something for that. Keep us updated, Al sends Everett a big hug.

Todd said...

Doesn't really show much pain, but he's kind of a stoic dog anyway. The only indications that something is wrong is that he's just not moving with his full range and he gets coughing fits at times. They gave us some cough suppressant that should calm him down a bit as well.