Sunday, December 17, 2006

A week and a day

Is how long it's been since Everett got T-Boned. He's doing much better, thank you very much. He's still taking antibiotics and a cough suppressant, but he's moving much better tonight than he has all week. He's shaking and stretching like nothing hurts. It'll still be a couple of weeks before we let him run, but I think he's making huge strides!


Raven said...

That's great news!!! Does he still need to be in the kennel most of the time?

Todd said...

Oh yeah. One more week of full time crate rest. He does not like that much, but it is the only way for him to heal properly.

Raven said...

Yeah, you want him healed up solid, that is for sure. I STILL make sure Al gets some sort of exercise whether it's a walk, a run or some time on the treadmill. I still worry about scar tissue filling in for her missing muscle, though I think we may be past that, I still worry about it.