Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fields and dogs

Last weekend we went back down to Moreland, GA to lay out a couple of course plans for the SEGC trials in March. For Saturday we have 1000 yards laid out, mostly sweeping turns, a little agility and plenty of terrain! I can't wait to see how the dogs do on this at the trial. We ran Sweeney once and he did great! Nellie ran a couple of times and looked really good, even on a tighter course that we put out after laying out Saturday's. Overall, it was a really good day with the dogs.

We're going to Jacksonville next weekend for our first foray into NOTRA. This is something I'm really looking forward to, especially after Sweeney's performance at the Winter Challenge. Dr. Anna Midgarden was out gathering some more data for her Borzoi study, running dogs on a straight and measuring their speed in a 50 yd trap. According to just about anyone I talk to, this is the most accurate measure of pure speed that has ever been done. Anyway, Sweeney went out and blazed down the straight at 40.23 mph.

Anyway, we're looking forward to seeing what all the dogs can do on the track. The track at Jax is a sand greyhound training track. Really nice surface, safe for running and conducive to speed.


Raven said...

I love NOTRA. My dog Eddie did so well at it, has 6 ORC points, and he's a pure bred running against the lurchers! NOTRA gives dogs who break poorly from the box enough time to make it up. 200 yards just doesn't work; if you don't break, you're not in the points. We don't have NOTRA up here anymore due to lack of workers (go figure) but there are a couple people trying to bring it back. Al is only a few points shy of her OTRM (participation title, but oh well means she beat 100 dogs!) so maybe she will get that yet.

Your field sounds really nice. We actually found a new one here south of Farmington. I have seen only ariel shots, it's in a town called Medford, school district property. I am not sure of the actual size, but it's bigger than Farmington and isn't totally flat like a pancake. We're using that for the MCA trial May 19-20. If it works, I sure as hell hope we move our 3 day labor day trial there.

Todd said...

We've done LGRA before with Sweeney, but no NOTRA. He did very well in LGRA after his first race... First race, he kept holding back, waiting for the damn lure to turn!!! :) Can't wait to see him on that track.