Tuesday, January 02, 2007


The Winter Challenge for 2006/2007 has come and gone. It was another challenge just to survive! 139 dogs Saturday, 129 Sunday and 104 on Monday. There were many Top 20 hounds in attendance and overall the competition was fierce. I think the cream rose to the top for most of the breeds. Congratulations to all the winners!

We had several factors working against us all weekend including short daylight hours, the large entry and the weather. Saturday was the nice day of the weekend and we finished all 139 by dark. Sunday wasn't so nice, what with the driving rain and all. We contended with string problems a bit, but still finished at dark. Sunday started off very nice, but the temperature fell all day and we finished in the dark again with a stiff wind and temps in the low 40's.

I had fun, but I can wait for next year. The joys of running in Region 7!

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Raven said...

Sounds like our May trials. Last year it was windy and wet, high of about 41. You've been to Farmington, so you are familiar with how nasty that west wind can be. We finally got snow here on Sunday night...the first time we've had more than flurries. The dogs ran like hell on the baseball fields, they LOVE it!! But now running will be limited to either the snow melting away (which it will, we're back to the 40's this week) or we get another inch or two, otherwise they cut their feet up so bad since the snow surface re-freezes and forms an icy crust.