Thursday, May 15, 2008

Concealed Carry in Georgia

Governor Perdue signed HB 89 into law yesterday expanding where citizens can legally carry concealed weapons. According to the AJC (link), "With Perdue's signature, restaurant patrons will be permitted to carry a firearm, but would be barred from drinking while doing so. Violations would be a misdemeanor. Concealed weapons will now be allowed in state — and by extension — local parks. Firearms in purses or under jackets will also be permitted on public transportation."

Also according to the same article, "Union drivers had said they would demand bulletproof shields on MARTA buses if the governor signed the bill." Please. Who are bus drivers (and anyone in the general public, for that matter) more in danger of? Criminals carrying concealed without a permit, with no regard for life or property or properly licensed individuals who go to the trouble of being fingerprinted, submitting to a background investigation and paying a pretty good fee for the privilege to carry concealed?

I'm sure this matter will end up in courts. Hell, I'd bet some Brady type group has already filed suit somewhere in the state. If you're interested in efforts to secure your right to arm yourself, here a good site on the subject:

A few blogs that have good information on concealed carry:
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Scott said...

If the bus drivers were told they could have their "bullet proof" shields, paid for by holding back their next pay increase, how many do you think would suddenly discover that they don't really need them after all?