Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wrong observation

Regarding the iPhone, in an article in the NY Times today:
"Both Mr. Jobs and Randall L. Stephenson, the chief executive of
Apple’s partner AT&T, have promised a new iPhone model this year
that would run on a high-speed wireless data network. AT&T is
building such a network, which uses technology known as 3G and is
intended to support a range of new applications, including mobile
digital video. The company said last week that the network would be
largely finished by the end of June.

But analysts say faster downloads may not be enough to touch off a new wave of consumer interest in the iPhone.

Subscribers don’t care what the radio interface of their cellular phone is,” Mr. Snyder said."

Emphasis mine.

I know quite a few people, including me, who have been waiting for a 3G version of the iPhone before purchasing one. Duh.

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