Tuesday, April 07, 2009

No snow

Talk of freezing temperatures and possible snow in April? In Georgia? Huh? Not so much when all is said and done. It's cold, especially after we've been spoiled by a bunch of 70 degree weeks. It's been wet for the past few weeks here as well thankfully. I hear we're out of the drought, but to tell you the truth, I bet it'll be back before long. Better to keep conserving and not fall into the trap that we have unlimited resources. Not traditional "consumptionist" ideology, but I'm a firm believer in resource management.

The AWC Nationals are in Atlanta this week and we had the ASFA coursing last Sunday. Everett and Lobo ran, both finished one point out of the ribbons. Not bad for a couple of hounds who are damn close to being veterans. As a matter of fact, Everett's entered in Veterans for the II in May. Should be fun!

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