Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wow, the weather

I'm very thankful that we made it through unscathed after last nights tornado outbreak. Megan woke us up about 12:25 to let us know that we were under a tornado warning. Looked at the weather and the system that went through Sunnyside (a small community about 18 miles away) was headed our way. We hunkered down best we could in the closet and waited out the storm - the storm that fizzled out before it got to us. We got lucky. Folks in Sunnyside didn't. Two people lost their lives and a number of homes and businesses were either damaged or destroyed. Our prayers are with those who were affected by the storms.

It's been a crazy Spring. A few weeks ago, I was woken up by a storm that went through early in the morning. That normally doesn't happen, so I knew it was bad. Once again we made it through with some small branches down, but no damage.

Hopefully you and yours are faring well during this weather.

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