Monday, June 26, 2006

What I did last weekend

I spent the weekend running the dogs in Lewiston, NY (pretty much Niagara Falls area). Yep, drove up there last Thursday and Friday and got back today at 2 pm. I had a great time coursing at the Lake Country Lure Coursers club trials this past weekend. It was good to see Karen and Mike again (we just don't get to see each other nearly enough). Sweeney was sure happy to see ya'll. Thanks so much to Patty and John for extending their hospitality and putting me up at their house. I had a great time and ya'll can put on quite the spread.

I wish that they had a little more rain before we had gone since so many dogs blew pads. I know the two winning greyhounds from Saturday blew pads and couldn't come back on Sunday and quite a few top-notch whippets were blowing pads. This heat/drought is getting out of control. At least we got some rain down here over the weekend and continuing today, so hopefully Cartersville will have good footing (parkerism) this weekend.

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