Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another Dan Gauss pic!

That's Lobo.

Thanks to Dan for this great picture! Once again, thanks Dan!!!


Raven said...

Hey how tall are your boys??

Todd said...

Not very. I don't know for sure as I've never worried about it! :) I do know that we've never had any trouble getting them under the wickets. Everett is a little taller than Lobo and it's all leg!!

Raven said...

Lucky! Guido is 22 1/2 on the nose, it's a fight to wicket him when he's all reved up over the lure. I liked how little Spy was, what a cute little red boy, I just wanted to pick him up!!

btw, thanks for getting me going on the politics, it's hard as hell to type with this blasted splint!! *LOL*

Raven said...

Good luck to you and your boys this weekend! Tell them to run safe. It's a bye week for us, then off to Lawrence on the 28th.