Monday, October 23, 2006

Sweeney is a stud!

So Sweeney had his surgery today and is out and on his way home. Dr. Carmichael removed the P3 cleanly and closed the pad over the removed area. Sweeney will have crate restriction for a few weeks while the toe heals, followed by a prolonged rehab period (don't ask how long 'cause we play it by ear).

Now to the really cool part. While Sweeney was on the surgery table a Chihuahua came in needing an emergency c-section. She had already had several pups at home, but evidently the rest just wouldn't come. Well, Dr. Carmichael did the surgery but the Chihuahua needed a transfusion. The clinic didn't have any blood on hand, so they used Sweeney for the transfusion. So while he was out, Sweeney saved the life of someone's beloved pet and mother to puppies. SWEENEY ROCKS!


Raven said...

That's great news on Sweeney...they do ok with toes missing. Nicholas had the first joint on his outside front toe removed after he tore the nail completely out and it all got infected way inside. A few weeks off and some good wrapping and he was out and about in no time.

Will you be coming to KS or NE? It's going to be Al, Carina, Les and Sunday this weekend in Lawrence. Al and Everett are neck in neck according to MB.

Todd said...

Yep, he should do ok once he's properly rehabed. I've had one Greyhound have the P3 removed and seen plenty more go on and have successful careers.

Won't be in KS or NE. We're going to do some racing this weekend.

Raven said...

I found some REALLY old music last night; KMFDM and Love & Rockets!! The CD's are scratched to hell so it looks like I'll need to download what I want. Also got a whole CD made of Three 6 Mafia;)

I saw the premium is out for tempting, but an absolute miserable drive from MN, close to 10 hours as there is no interstate. Lawrence is a straight shot at 7 hours so that is tolerable. We'll see what happens, I take these events one at a time for fear of jinxing something.