Monday, November 13, 2006


It was a good coursing weekend, even if the weather was less than desirable. Decent weather on Saturday, highs in the upper 60's until the rain swept through around 2:30 and the temperature started dropping and the wind picked up. Miserable 30+* mph winds all night Saturday night prevented us from getting much sleep and then the wind pounded us almost all day on Sunday.

We had our friend Karen with us for the weekend and had a blast! She's so wonderful, wish she and Mike would just pick up and move down here! :)

The dogs did well. Not a huge entry, but top ranked dogs. Lobo went BOB on Saturday and took 1st on Sunday. Everett finished 2nd both days. Quite the turnout by the boys!!

Sweeney had his stitches out on Friday and the toe is looking good.

St Louis this weekend. See ya there! :)

*Estimated. Your mileage may vary


Raven said...

Congrats on your boys!!:) I heard Oprah got a BOB in TX, but it was an AKC trial. Not sure who all is going to St. Louis, nobody from MN though. I am pretty sure Libby will be there with Oprah, she's been giving us all a run for the money.

How many total Whippets did you have?

Todd said...

pish...we had all or like 12 Whippets total. We've never had that few Whippets!

Raven said...

It has been light this year, I think we only had split stakes at 1/4 of the trials I went to, and last year it was over half. Up here we'll have a new crop of puppies that will be starting in June/July, so that will make some more. It's harder though getting out of open these days. Al did it in '03 in 3 trials, and it's taken the season for most of the other opens around here. Sofia was the only one that finished in 4 meets this year.

Dan & Margaret said...

Only 30mph winds? We're currently sitting in Socorro (read our restaurant reviews!) Where the gusts are up around 60mph. We're hoping the motor home doesn't blow over! The sun is shining, but the sky is filled with dust and sand. Quite beautiful... in a gritty kind of way. LOL

Raven said...

Have fun at SLASH this weekend!! I'll be at our club banquet and then be part of the cheering section for the local dog show.