Monday, November 06, 2006

It's cruel to be kind

What's up with people these days? I see blogs of people bitching about the rudeness of others all over the web. This is just another one of those...with a twist. What I notice and hate is when someone does something nice for someone else and isn't acknowledged. The most obvious example of this is in traffic. I make it a point to try to let people in to traffic when we're not moving very much (and believe me, in McDonough, GA, that's a lot). Well, why don't people at least give you a little wave as just to say 'thanks'? I was raised in the South and taught from a very young age to be courteous to others whenever possible. I'm not perfect, but I sure try as often as I can. I just don't know why people just can say a little thanks for the kindness.


Raven said...

In MN, people don't make any effort to actually merge. They put on their turn signal and then neither slow down or speed up and just expect the blinker to be their ticket in, and if you don't slam on YOUR brakes, they give YOU the finger. I find L.A drivers to be much better and MUCH more courteous than the midwest.

It hasn't snowed here yet, and when it does for the first time I plan to take a sick day!;)

Raven said...

Check this out

Dan & Margaret said...

As you know, I'm a rude Yankee... but I always acknowledge someone who lets me in to traffic.. usually it's in the motor home, so if a wave won't be seen, it's the old 4-way flasher salute.