Thursday, February 22, 2007

Coursing last weekend

A little more reflection on coursing last weekend.

It's hard sometimes for me to find a happy medium in course design. For the big dogs I like to see a big, open course that let's them really stretch while showing their agility on corners that aren't asking them to do 90 degree turns. I think these course plans showcase good Whippets as well. I get a lot of grief about my choice of plans because some owners/breeders (especially of slower big dogs and most Whippets) want to see choppier courses with more acute turns.

Thanks to Woody and Jennifer for their help all weekend. We've gotten a really nice influx of new coursers in the past year and it's nice to have a couple step up to the plate and really work hard to help put on the trial.

Remember that we're all volunteers out on the field. In the Atlanta area, there are four very active coursing clubs. Basically, the same group puts trials on for all four clubs. If you can help in any way, set up, huntmaster, lure operate, clerk, whatever, please step up and help!

I lure course because (1) I love to watch my dogs run; (2) I love to watch other good dogs run; and (3) because I like the social aspect of getting together with others who can appreciate the good dogs.

Being able to turn while running slow does not equal agility.

One more time.... Being able to turn while running slow does not equal agility.

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Raven said...

I hate those 90 degree turns, it blows toes out on the bigger heavy Whippets. Guido has a perma-fat toe now thanks to a corner at Farmington. Asking a dog to make a sharp turn at 35MPH is asking for injury, IMHO.