Monday, February 19, 2007

It actually....

turned out to be colder than the forecast. But if you wear enough clothes you won't get cold. But if you wear that many layers, you get sore and tired... Oh well, it was a very nice weekend, even with the cold temps. We had 61 dogs on Saturday and 76 on Sunday. One of the biggest weekends we've had in a couple of years. We had a nice turnout of Ibizans and Ridgebacks. Not an overwhelming number of Whippets, but still quite a few. The Ridgeback Cameron won BIE over a couple of nice Ibizians and a Pharaoh.

Nellie ran in Singles on Sunday. She's beautiful to watch run and I hope that she gets her focus so that we can certify her. Lobo took 2nd on Saturday, but in the process took a pretty nasty spill in finals and cut under his shoulder pretty badly. He's sore, but he'll be ok. Everett took 3rd on Saturday, but came back strong on Sunday to take Breed. He's getting back in the groove after the collision in Tallahassee in December.

Looking forward to racing this weekend. Actually I'll be home taking a midterm, but R is going to take the dogs down to Jax for racing on the training track. Tallahassee is the next weekend. Looking forward to getting down there again.


Raven said...

So are you coming up to the National on April 1st? I guess they have about 17 stakes!! It will be Al's debut for the year, and MAYBE a chance for Guido to get that First he needs. Some say I'm trying to see how many points I can collect in Open;) It was funny 2 years ago, not so much anymore!!!

Todd said...

That's the plan! I'm looking forward to the trial, but not the drive so much... The National was huge the year they had it in N. Carolina. Stakes and stakes. Everett's sister won that year and ended up #1.

Raven said...

Cool! I think it will be fun, though your southern dogs will bury those of us from the north;) I am glad the course is only 750 yards, I'd hate to have to start at 900-1000!!

It's a 7 hour drive for me. I'm leaving Saturday morning, and then will try hook up with some of the others there for the show. Nothing "official" going on with the AWC, but there are behind the scenes stuff....geez, sounds like I'm talking about a Rave!;)

If you're looking for a cheap hotel, the motel 6 in Lenexa, KS is $35...not bad. I am there Saturday night. Lawrence would be about 30 minutes from Lenexa.