Sunday, September 02, 2007

All is right with the world...

College football season has started and the Good Guys won! Amazing defense with a bit of shallow offense and mix in some good special teams play and you have a recipe for a slaughter of stalwart Notre Dame.

The other team pulled off a victory too, but against who?? :)

Dark day for my friend Dan, though. Not sure how Michigan became the victim of the greatest upset in college football history, but somehow they did. Sorry Dan.

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Dan & Margaret said...

Not according to the SF Chronicle... only the second greatest upset. Temple over VA Tech in 98 or 99 is number one. See, Temple really sucked, while Appalachian State is actually the 1AA 2-time National Champs and were rated number 1 again this year (I've been doin' my homework). They also apparently have a beautiful mountain campus in Boone, NC.
Meanwhile.. the school I *actually* attended, played last Thursday and extended the nation's longest active win streak to 29 games with a 42-14 win over St Josephs (IN) College. Grand Valley hasn't lost a game since the Div II National Championship game in 2004. (See.. I have a fallback position =^)