Friday, September 07, 2007

No, I didn't

Nope, didn't follow one of Tam's tenets on blogging. Didn't blog yesterday. Was a bit busy trying to get some of the Virtual environment set up. Had to get a haircut, go to the grocery store, fix dinner, do laundry and pack last night after work. I'm headed to Seattle tonight to judge the Northwest Sporting Greyhound Association's Greyhound Classic this weekend. I'm really looking forward to this assignment as I get to see some folks I haven't seen in about a year and I get to see some of the great NW Greyhounds we hear so much about but never get to see. I'm sure I'll be happy with what the club is doing since they're using drag (something we've not quite "mastered" here) and they're not shy about their yardage! Saturday is 1075 yards and Sunday is 905 yards. Love to see me some Greyhounds who can run some distance!

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