Tuesday, September 18, 2007


But what the hell am I doing online? :) Actually, we came down to a little cafe' to grab some coffee and wifi time really quick today. I swear I'm going to the beach later! We don't have a hi speed connection in the condo, and I'm not about to sit and play on dial up for long. Of course, I really don't care to be online long anyway, but every once in a while won't kill me.

Cocoa is still the beautiful, laid back place that it always has been. It's been on and off rainy since we got down here, actually started while we were crossing over on I-10. Evidently we've got a little almost tropical system sitting off the coast that keeps throwing thunderstorms and showers at us. No big deal, I can sit and read instead of getting out to the beach.

Probably be a light week for blogging since I'm not sure how often we'll come down to grab the wifi signal.

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