Friday, August 10, 2007

Damned Shame

The Discovery Channel cycling team is disbanding after this year. This is one of the most successful teams in all of sport, winning 8 of the past 9 Tours de France and is the only American team that rode in this year's Tour.

Perhaps another team will be formed, but without Johan Bruyneel and LanceArmstrong as driving forces, I don't see another dominant team coming to fruition.

Sad day for America's involvement in International sport.

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Raven said...

We've had a record hot summer so far, 28 days now of 90+ degrees. Right now it's 94 and very humid. After my week in Florida 2 weeks ago, the humidity isn't as noticeable I must admit.

But, we have had NO RAIN. Our race practices have been canceled, as the dogs are ripping pads. Last week we just had to run, so we brought hoses and watered the finish line. Our July trial we went from 32 Whippets on Saturday to 10 on Sunday...both Al and Abby were lucky enough to still have feet. We're heading to Racine next weekend, unless their rain situation is the same as ours, waiting to find out on the R6 list. Hate to spend the money if it will be desert conditions like it is here. Labor Day could be a crap shoot.